Authors – The Force that Keeps Pushing FoldsWrap Forwards

Step into the world of FoldsWrap, where backyard spaces are transformed into enchanting havens by the imaginative duo, Mike and Melissa. With a shared passion for experimentation and a deep love for nature, they infuse every project with their unique touch. 

Here is a little more about them.

Mike Matthew – The Backyard Visionary

Meet Mike, the creative mastermind behind FoldsWrap and a true backyard visionary. With a passion for experimentation and a knack for turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens, Mike brings an innovative touch to every aspect of FoldsWrap’s content.

A self-professed green thumb, Mike’s love for nature and outdoor spaces began at a young age. He spent his childhood summers exploring the woods near his family home, fostering a deep connection with the beauty of the natural world. As he grew older, his curiosity led him to study landscape architecture, where he honed his skills in blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

When he’s not brainstorming new backyard ideas or sketching out ingenious designs, you’ll find Mike knee-deep in various DIY projects. From building charming pergolas to crafting whimsical garden sculptures, his hands-on approach reflects his commitment to transforming outdoor spaces into personal retreats.

But Mike’s love for backyard alchemy isn’t just limited to his own yard. He’s often seen teaming up with local schools to create outdoor learning spaces that spark children’s curiosity about the natural world.

Mike firmly believes that every backyard has the potential to be a canvas for self-expression, and he’s on a mission to empower people to embrace their creativity and reimagine their outdoor environments.

Melissa Matthew – The Enchanting Green-Thumbed Maven

Melissa, the enchanting co-creator of FoldsWrap, is the botanical genius who breathes life into Mike’s backyard visions. With an innate ability to coax the most stubborn plants to flourish, she’s the heart and soul of the family’s backyard experiments.

Melissa’s fascination with gardening blossomed from her childhood days spent tending to her grandmother’s fragrant rose garden. Her magical touch turned her backyard into a living canvas of vibrant colors and textures, inviting friends and neighbors to get lost in the beauty of her creations.

Her expertise in horticulture is matched only by her boundless imagination. From cultivating vertical gardens that seem to touch the sky to crafting intricate mosaics using recycled materials, Melissa’s dedication to sustainable practices and eco-friendly designs is evident in every corner of their backyard transformations.

Beyond her role in FoldsWrap, Melissa is a vocal advocate for sustainability and conscious living. She’s known to convert discarded materials into stunning garden art, inviting others to see the beauty in repurposing.

Her blogs and articles inspire readers to explore the world of eco-friendly gardening practices, showing how small, mindful choices can have a profound impact on the planet.

As a couple deeply rooted in each other’s lives and their shared love for the great outdoors, Mike and Melissa’s journey through FoldsWrap is a heartwarming tale of a family united by a vision: a vision of turning backyards into personalized oases where memories are made, and dreams take root.

Short Descriptions

Melissa Matthew

Melissa is the senior editor at FoldsWrap. With a touch that brings life to every petal and leaf, she orchestrates botanical symphonies that turn outdoor spaces into immersive escapes. As an esteemed expert in her domain, Melissa’s dedication to sustainable practices and exquisite plant compositions marks her as a true luminary in the realm of botanical artistry, which she uses in her family’s backyard.