Soccer Drills for 10 Year Olds – Basic Exercises to Coach Kids

What are some soccer drills for 10-year-olds? Incorporating drills like passing and receiving with teammates, dribbling through cones to improve ball control, and small-sided games for tactical awareness are ideal. Soccer drills for 10-year-olds are tailored to bridge the gap between fundamental skills and more advanced techniques. 

At this age, kids are developing their coordination and game understanding. These exercises not only hone their skills but also enhance their physical conditioning and teamwork, setting the stage for more advanced play in the future.

Here we have discussed all about coaching soccer to 10 year olds. So, let’s dive deep into this useful guide! 

Soccer Drills for 10 Year Olds – Tips and Drills to Train U10

At this stage, they experience improved coordination, speed, and endurance. Their understanding of soccer tactics and teamwork also becomes more advanced. For insights on training even younger players, take a look at our beginner drills suitable for four-year-olds.

To accommodate these changes, it’s beneficial to introduce drills that focus on more intricate passing, shooting accuracy, and small-sided games that emphasize strategy and decision-making. 

ExerciseCategoryBest For
Cone DribblingFootwork and DribblingClose ball control
1v1 DribblingFootwork and DribblingOne-on-one maneuvering
Inside-Outside DribblesFootwork and DribblingFootwork skills
Passing PatternsPassing and Ball HandlingPassing accuracy
Wall PassesPassing and Ball HandlingOne-touch returns
Long-Range PassingPassing and Ball HandlingLong-distance passing
Shooting AccuracyShooting and ScoringPrecision shooting
1v1 with the KeeperShooting and ScoringBeating the goalkeeper
Crossing and FinishingShooting and ScoringCrossing and finishing
Positional AwarenessDefensiveDefensive positioning
Pressing and TacklingDefensivePressing and tackling
Small-Sided GamesDefensiveTactical decision-making
Agility Ladder DrillsFitness and AgilityFootwork and quickness
Sprint and Endurance TrainingFitness and AgilitySpeed and stamina
Circuit TrainingFitness and AgilityOverall conditioning
Position-Specific TrainingTacticalRole-specific skills
Game SimulationsTacticalTactical awareness
Overlapping and Switching PlayTacticalWinger and fullback movements
Shot-StoppingGoalkeeperBasic goalkeeping skills
DistributionGoalkeeperBall distribution
Reflex SavesGoalkeeperReflexes and quick reactions

These soccer drills for those under 10 help them transition from basic skills to a more comprehensive understanding of the game while capitalizing on their improved physical abilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Soccer drills for 10-year-olds focus on bridging the gap between fundamental skills and more advanced techniques.
  • These drills enhance coordination, ball control, physical conditioning, and teamwork.
  • As children grow from 9 to 10 years old, their coordination, speed, endurance, and understanding of soccer tactics advance.
  • Introduce drills emphasizing intricate passing, shooting accuracy, and small-sided games to accommodate these changes.
  • Safety and a player-centered approach are essential when coaching 10-year-olds to ensure their development and enjoyment.

How to Coach Soccer to 10 Year Olds? 

As mentioned above, the focus of the soccer exercises for ten-year-old kids should be on coordination, teamwork, and ball handling. Here are the best soccer practice drills for 10-year-olds that serve the same purpose. If practicing in confined spaces is more your thing, explore our guide on practicing soccer drills from the comfort of your home.

Soccer Footwork Drills for 10 Year Olds:

  • Cone Dribbling: Set up cones in a zigzag pattern and have players dribble the ball through them, enhancing close ball control.
  • 1v1 Dribbling: Teach players to dribble past an opponent one-on-one, focusing on quick changes of direction.
  • Inside-Outside Dribbles: Encourage players to use both feet for inside-outside dribbling, improving their ability to maneuver the ball.

Passing and Ball Handling Drills:

  • Passing Patterns: Develop passing accuracy by creating various passing patterns with multiple players. It’s one of the best soccer shooting drills for U10.
  • Wall Passes: Pass the ball against a wall and practice one-touch returns to enhance passing and receiving skills.
  • Long-Range Passing: Work on accurate long-distance passes, a valuable skill for midfielders and defenders.

Soccer Shooting Drills for 10 Year Olds: 

  • Shooting Accuracy: Set up targets in the goal and have players practice shooting at different angles to improve accuracy. And if you’re looking to create a mini practice field at home, consider some of the top-rated goals for young soccer enthusiasts’ backyards.
  • 1v1 with the Keeper: Teach players how to beat the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations through dribbling and shooting.
  • Crossing and Finishing: Develop crossing skills for wingers and accurate finishing for strikers.

Defensive Soccer Drills for 10 Year Olds:

  • Positional Awareness: Teach players proper positioning when defending, emphasizing covering passing lanes and marking opponents.
  • Pressing and Tackling: Work on pressing high up the field and tackling techniques to regain possession.
  • Small-Sided Games: Encourage players to apply defensive principles in small-sided games, improving their decision-making and teamwork.

Fitness and Agility Drills for 10 Year Olds:

  • Agility Ladder Drills: Set up an agility ladder to enhance footwork and quickness.
  • Sprint and Endurance Training: Develop speed and stamina through sprinting exercises and interval training.
  • Circuit Training: Combine various fitness exercises like jumping jacks, burpees, and shuttle runs to improve overall fitness.

Tactical Soccer Drills for 10 Year Olds:

  • Position-Specific Training: Tailor drills to each position, focusing on role-specific skills and decision-making.
  • Game Simulations: Create scenarios that simulate in-game situations, allowing players to practice tactical awareness.
  • Overlapping and Switching Play: Teach wingers and fullbacks how to overlap and switch play effectively.

Goalkeeper Soccer Drills for 10 Year Olds:

  • Shot-Stopping: Work on basic shot-stopping techniques like diving and catching.
  • Distribution: Train goalkeepers to distribute the ball accurately to start counterattacks or build from the back.
  • Reflex Saves: Improve reflexes through drills that involve quick reactions to close-range shots.
Source: Joner Football

Safety Tips for Soccer Training for 10 Year Olds

During soccer training of 10-year-old soccer players, special care and attention is essential to ensure their development and enjoyment. Here are some important care instructions:

  • Positive Reinforcement: Offer consistent positive feedback and encouragement to boost their confidence and motivation. Praise their efforts, even if they make mistakes.
  • Patience: Understand that children at this age are still developing physically and mentally. Be patient when teaching new skills and allow them to learn at their own pace.
  • Age-Appropriate Drills: Tailor drills and exercises to match their physical and cognitive abilities. Ensure drills are suitable for their skill level to prevent frustration.
  • Safety: Prioritize safety by using age-appropriate equipment and ensuring a safe training environment. Remove any hazards from the field or training area.
  • Variety and Fun: Keep training sessions engaging and fun to maintain their interest. Incorporate games and activities that make learning enjoyable.
  • Rotation: Rotate players through different positions to help them understand the various roles on the field and discover their strengths.
  • Hydration: Keep players well-hydrated during training sessions, especially in hot weather. Provide water breaks at regular intervals.
  • Rest and Recovery: Ensure players get adequate rest and sleep, as recovery is crucial for their physical and mental development. Avoid overtraining.
  • Gentle Corrections: Correct techniques gently and avoid putting too much pressure on them. Focus on building their love for the game rather than perfection.
  • Supervision: Always supervise the players during drills and games to ensure their safety and provide immediate assistance if needed.
  • Emphasize Teamwork: Teach the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for teammates and opponents. Encourage them to support each other.
  • Communication: Maintain open communication with both players and parents. Address any concerns or questions they may have.
  • Player-Centered Approach: Consider the individual needs and preferences of each player. Adapt your coaching style to accommodate different personalities and learning styles.
  • Consistency: Establish a regular training schedule and stick to it. Consistent practice helps players develop their skills and understanding of the game.


In conclusion, soccer drills for 10-year-olds encompass a diverse range of exercises that cater to various aspects of the game. These drills promote skill development, tactical understanding, fitness, and goalkeeping abilities. It’s crucial to tailor the complexity of drills to each player’s skill level, ensuring gradual progression. By engaging in these well-rounded exercises, young soccer players can build a strong foundation, setting them on the path to becoming skilled and versatile athletes on the field.


What are the fun soccer games for 10 year olds?

Fun soccer games for 10-year-olds include “Sharks and Minnows,” where players dribble past defenders, and “Capture the Flag,” where they try to steal the opponent’s flag. “World Cup” is another enjoyable game, mimicking the tournament format. These games foster teamwork, agility, and a love for the sport.

What are some basic soccer drills for 10 year olds?

Basic soccer drills for 10-year-olds should include cone dribbling, passing patterns, and shooting accuracy exercises. These drills help enhance ball control, passing skills, and goal-scoring abilities, all crucial for young players’ development.

How do you coach a 10 year old soccer?

To coach a 10-year-old in soccer, emphasize skill-building and fun. Create engaging practice sessions with a mix of drills and small-sided games. Provide positive feedback, encourage teamwork, and help them understand basic tactics like positioning and passing.

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